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金曜日, 2月 19, 2010


Ur Prince Johann Low has not ignited his feathered 'pen'/keyboard since I dunno when. He used to blog cos he was emo, not that he is emo now but something just struck me.

It seems bizarrely strange and I came to realise it while waiting at the bus-stop for my bus. Last year was literally a peaceful year for me (besides the mad rush of some work load etc). But it was not so in the beginning of the year when I was somehow distracted by this thing called 'love' or desire to meet my princess. Somehow or rather, I must have heard wrongly since the whole episode, a short one thankfully was not very peaceful and I had so much doubts about it.

Strangely this year, it happened again...being sort of entangled in this thing called 'love' or wanting to find the other one. After a month of slight anticipation, I came to realise that Papa God still knows the best, when He says 'No', it is really the best for His children. I realised this some time back and Papa showed it to me again...I felt the Holy Spirit literally talking sense to me, yes conviction.

At one of the lowest point in my life, Papa said 'No', to me to be with someone I really fancied. I really came to understand recently and now why cos if I were to be with that someone, my life will be thoroughly ruined. Like a parent who will says 'No' to their child who almost came to touch a naked fan or a spinning fan, what's more of the Perfect Father, will not He says 'No', to the things or people we fancied but is not beneficial for us and even to the expanse of seeing us hurt during that period of time? What's more that Papa knows EVERYTHING, even more than our earthly parents will ever know.

How great is the Father's love,
More than we will ever know,
Only if we can really trust and follow,
Will we see His Love endlessly flow.

Johann Low (-:

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金曜日, 10月 09, 2009

[Only You]

This is not a song but...something inspired. After a year of MIA from my blog, here's something to keep it alive :P

When I thought I was a nobody,
You keep Your faithfulness,
You kept me, you never stay away

When I though the light had left,
You showed me that You were near
When I though I was alone,
You showed me that You were always by my side

Many a times, I stay away from You
Yet Father, You spoke to me,
In the most gentle of ways,
only way which could touch my heart

Thank you for the people You've sent
At the most crucial moment,
Thank you Father, for softening my heart

Only You, can heal the hurts
Only You, can restore the heart You meant it to be.

Thank You Father, for showing me my true identity
My words could never be enough to praise of Your perfect Father's love.
Let me be the son You want to me to be,
Father, I know You will never let me go,

Because I know, it is Only You to whom I belong.

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火曜日, 12月 30, 2008

['Make-over' and x'mas 2008 ans 2009]

so i needed a 'make-over', thus this process was carried out with the help of Lyn and Dan.

Result: New jeans, clothes, 2 pairs of specs, shoes, 2 watches, new hair style and colour. No comments from colleagues tho. Oh well, guess the change is indeed needed.

Start work @ COOS is a new beginning.

Colleague and I were tasked to do the 'placards testimonies' for X'mas service. I bought 40pcs of placards from Artfriend and I was given 50pcs, boss said I need to make a trip down to pay for the extra 10pcs and I have yet to do so. Ok I will do it soon enough.

The placards testimonies was a success despite the minor hiccups. For those who have not seen it before, u can see something similar called cardboard testimonies @ youtube. It is very very powerful. A church friend was tearing (and choking) during the testimony.

-Who can stop the movement of the Holy Spirit?

Had a nice long break and was ushered into 2009.

Ok, into 2009 I got myself 2 more watches (1 to be collected @ Sembawang Shopping Center Citychain) It was a very good deal, the nice Smash! watch (to be collected cos the one @ the Citychain in Suntec was not in a good shape) and a k-swiss watch which was @ 50% off (for any 2nd pair of watch for certain brands)

Next, was to an elite spectacles shop for the rich. Mag, church friend and mentor of my 2 mentors (making her the grand-mentor?) made her specs there for $850. Anyway the range of spectacles there is ard 1K for the frame only. Anyway, I got a nice deal wahajajajakakaka, it was a 6+hrs shopping trip tho.

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Johann Low,Male.

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